Three great organizational change and leadership reads

We interrupt this series on marrying speed and depth to bring you some more “mental sorbet.”

If you’re looking for some reading, check out these bite-sized posts from the last couple of weeks.

I happenedrho_sandberg to run across this blog from an Australian change consultant. Rho Sandberg, I love that your blog is called “thegritintheoyster,” and if you lived in Portland, I would invite you out for a glass of wine. We’d have a long, provocative, nourishing conversation about the fascinating and complex days we’d each just had with client leaders. If you’re new to Rho, read Committing to Change: A Battle Between Hope and Fear – especially the last bit, about holding risk close versus ignoring it – for a nice dive (down under) into change thought.

lollyLolly Daskal’s Lead From Within blog doesn’t need any plugs from me, but I want to highllight her post,
The Missing Link of Change: Suspension nonetheless. She’s talking about emptying out before you fill up, letting go before moving forward, as an essential part of bringing something new into being. Those who create know the importance of this. I wonder why it’s so hard to remember when we’re leading change?

And lastly, are you following Dan Rockwell (@leadershipfreak) on Twitter? If so, you’re in good company – 145k followers (and counting). If you do follow Dan, why? What value does he provide that you don’t get elsewhere? I’m jumping on his advice in Solving the Problem of Dumb Leaders: Be wrong, learn more. As a Twitter newbie, I want to understand more about what works for those of you looking at leadership in your Twitter feeds.