Burning question: I want to create this meeting dynamic back at work – but they weren’t here and don’t get it. How on earth do I do that?

You’ve just been part of an intense offsite experience on communication styles. YOU get the value of uncovering diverse perspectives, being willing to be changed, and taking risks so you can learn together – but next week, you’re facilitating an important conversation about emotion-rich issues with people who weren’t here. How do you get them […]

Get a question you can’t answer?

At On Your Feet, we’re big believers in saying what’s real. (Life is complex enough already, right?) When we get a question from an audience that we can’t answer, we just… uh… say we don’t have the answer. And then do our best to help them find it. That said, Jonah Lehrer, contributing editor at  Wired […]

Getting beyond yes

Often, when I ask clients how they make decisions, I hear, “Oh, we mostly use consensus around here.” Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Eight times out of ten, these are the same people who also note that group decisions often get reversed, people say one thing and then do another, or that their team spins and […]

Your inner immune system

Imagine you have a colleague who gets all fired up around focusing more effectively on “the critical few.” He wants to clarify desired outcomes, delegate more, support small failures as learning, and challenge thought process and logic instead of details. Suppose he wisely recognizes that this behavior change will not only create value for his […]

Physical telephone

Recently, we did some exciting work with James and Athena Pond, whose Transitions Global has done amazing work around the world helping teen victims of sex trafficking rebuild their lives. In light of the seriousness of their mission, the following warm-up exercise that we used might seem silly or trivial, but we found it to […]