Soul of wit, etc.: A brief-but-mighty workplace lesson, learned at home

It is not in my nature to be brief. Fortunately, I have a dear friend and colleague who does a much better job.  After hearing me describe in detail a big, hairy change challenge my partner and I are taking on together, she grew silent.

“This isn’t a coaching conversation,” she said, “but two questions come to mind.”

  1. How do you need to be with each other?
  2. What can you count on from each other when the going gets tough?

Right now, I am going to evoke my inner Brief Person: If you are engaged in creating change with a team, colleague or someone else you care about, and the change really matters, and there are times it might not be easy and those times might be soon, give these questions a spin.

Enough said.

Media courtesy EnotesIMDB and LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube.