We help you propel change through deliberate shifts in behavior, relationships, processes and culture while you do real-time work on your challenges. We customize our work for each unique organization. Below are the areas leaders most commonly ask for our help.

BONUS: Our tools tap into diverse perspectives to get better results. That means these tools are a potent way to walk the talk of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Strategic Facilitation & Offsites

Develop strategies, get everyone on the same page, and drive meaningful action.

This includes:

  • Strategic planning and/or refresh
  • Mechanisms for tracking and adjusting toward goals
  • Town Halls and stakeholder engagement events
  • Senior leader, team, and all-company offsites (or onsites)
  • Non-profit board and board/staff retreats

Team & Cross-Team Performance

Shift team and cross-team habits, processes, and relationships so a group works at the top of their intelligence.

This includes:

  • Get a new team (or a new team leader) off on the right foot
  • Team alignment & development
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration (e.g., technology, sales, marketing, and other initiatives)
  • Team meetings that rock (and support diversity, equity, and inclusion)
  • Skill-building workshops on delegation, accountability, conflict, change, and communication across diverse styles (assessments include Insights Discovery, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Leadership Circle)

Leadership Development

Equip established and emerging leaders with new perspectives, know-how, and tools.

This includes:

  • Cohort-based leadership development programs
  • Individual leader and leadership team coaching
  • Ridiculously practical clinics:
    • Delegating & distributing responsibility
    • Creating feedback-rich environments
    • Engaging in productive conflict
    • Developing a coach-like presence
    • Creating psychological safety

Culture Shift & Alignment

Evolve “the way we do things around here” to accomplish mission and goals in a changing world.

This includes:

  • Values work
  • Participative change
  • Cultural integrity during organizational growth
  • Organizational systems for strategic progress, knowledge sharing, and problem solving
  • Next-generation ways to organize and get work done

People Sometimes Ask for an “Intro Experience”

Get a taste of what you're capable of.

Three ways to say hello to group genius:

  • Interactive keynotes
  • 2-hour Taster
  • Customized 1-day Group Genius Kickstarter