Our Clients

The leaders we work with are learners. They invest in others’ learning or can convene those who do. They have a hunch: by evolving how they work, their team or organization just might blow the roof off. These leaders believe their team members will be stronger together, and know they play a role in shifting how their people work.

They also happen to be some of the most brilliant people we have ever met.

Our clients work around the globe at places like:

Cenovus Energy
Nike Foundation
Clinton Foundation
Therapeutic Associates, Inc.
Living Yoga
Restore Oregon
Black United Fund
Oregon Food Bank
Police Action League
Portland Center Stage
Meals on Wheels People
Feeding the Pacific Northwest
Domestic Violence Resource Center
Portland Homeless Family Solutions

How we do our best work

  • Big open spaces versus PowerPoint and boardroom tables. We are on our feet working together instead of sitting and talking about it.
  • With a cohort of leaders, an intact team or division, or a cross-functional or cross-sector group. Change lives in how the real players think, talk and act together; the people responsible for creating change together, are in the room together.
  • Our work together starts with your very real business challenges. You make progress on your strategic priorities while building capacity. We know toggling between facilitated learning and doing real work in your real world is the key to a systemic shift that sticks.
  • Working ourselves out of a job. We mean it. In robust partnership with you, we facilitate, consult, and coach. We’re not satisfied until you build the muscles and expertise you need to keep on keepin’ on after we’re gone.