Okay, people, let’s focus

“Your attention is your most precious asset.”
Leo Babauta

Welcome to my blog. It was a long and strange road to get here because, truth be told, I’m a Luddite at heart. More accurately, I’m a neo-luddite: not anti-technology, but determined to use it consciously, with discernment, to make life easier, better, and more fun versus more complex and full of distractions.

What we see at On Your Feet, the creative business consultancy of which I am a part, is that our clients do better work when they are present, focused, and listening – giving their full, delicious attention to what matters most and not simply juggling more stuff, faster.

This is certainly true of my own life.

I’m curious about how social media intersects with and can potentially complement this basic, guiding principle. So this blog is a personal experiment, woven into the rhythm of my work life and my personal life, to create something that might actually help reduce the swirl instead of adding to it. For you, and for me.

I welcome your comments about how it’s going!

One thought on “Okay, people, let’s focus

  1. On this chilly winter solstice, I “discovered” your blog. A full two years after your first post. How it’s going, you ask? It made my morning. A magical combination of deep and light, hopscotching past convention. Me encanta! Muchas gracias, Julie.

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