We structure and facilitate laser-focused working sessions that develop new collaborative capacity. Business problems get solved (in a seriously faster way).

Clients come to us with a variety of needs:
We need to be constant innovators, succession-ready, keep our smartest people fully engaged, retain our millennials, be more cohesive, pull in the same direction, share information transparently, bust silos, develop our culture as a competitive advantage, engage like owners…the list goes on.

Check out where we start – below.


Collaboration Kickstarter

Outcomes: stronger relationships; new collaborative ways of thinking and working; and progress on a real business issue. Bonus ingredient: big fun.

Experience new ways of working that introduce you to the nuts and bolts of building collaborative capacity. This introduction starts with an immersive afternoon session and to give your team firsthand experience with the mindsets, practices and ways of organizing that enable high-impact collaboration and co-creativity. Over dinner, participants make connections to your business needs. The next day, we take it all for a spin on your real stuff.


Project Accelerator

Outcomes: stronger relationships; new, embedded patterns including ways of thinking, practices, and organizing for collaboration and co-creativity – both in person and virtually. Bonus: project results that rock.

Pick a team or a project. As part of an immersive launch, the team defines success, co-designs how they’ll organize for ideal learning and progress, then puts it all to work. Members learn by doing as they progress on their project, reflecting & adapting together. This 90-day adventure includes the launch, a facilitated huddle each month, and key member coaching along the way.

Culture Accelerator

Outcomes:  big leap toward change-smart, collaborative organizational culture through the deliberate spread of new ways of working across a group of leaders and their teams; leaders have the appetite, new habits, and confidence to continue long after the year is over. Bonus: alumni cohorts help catalyze bigger organizational change adventures.

Assemble a cohort of leaders. Building on a two-day immersive launch, the cohort meets monthly for 11 months. Members learn new skills essential to shifting leadership culture, including generative conflict, stretching others into new responsibilities, and engaging teams in co-creative change. Through facilitated, peer-to-peer challenge and support, these leaders grow awareness and capability together. Between-session homework involves actively cultivating new ways of working in their own teams.

Social Sector Collaboration

We want to work with people creating an even better world. We target our social sector work where we believe Deeper Funner Change can make a big difference in an economical way.

We focus in three areas: supporting vibrant, co-creative Board-Executive Director relationships; developing collaborative leadership capacity in teams and individuals; and facilitating cross-sector collaboration for collective impact. Because potent collaboration creates space for emerging and dissenting voices, all our work fosters the conditions for a diverse and inclusive environment.


Outcomes: Grow your collaborative leadership skills and inspire new results in your team. As in all our offerings, we have a hefty toolkit of assessments to draw from, including Insights Discovery assessments and facilitation.

A number of Deeper Funnerers are experienced leadership coaches, so we do work individually with established and emerging leaders. Our focus: support you in your development.