Get down, Mr. President!

Here’s a game to try. My Dublin-based colleague Kay Scorah of Have More Fun sent this email the other day to a group of folks she plays with:

This game just posted by a friend of Sean’s on FB. I am sooooo stealing it.

It is important to note here that Kay’s son Sean is a teenager. It says a lot about her as a mom that Sean gives her access to his Facebook page. So,  Sean’s friend’s post:

can we just start playing this? “Get down Mr. President.” In a big group of friends, one person puts their finger to their ear (like a secret service agent) and as the rest of the group notices, they do the same. When there is one person left without their finger to their ear, everyone screams, “GET DOWN, MR. PRESIDENT!” and tackles them.

Now, those of us on the cc: line are scattered around: Portland, Minneapolis, Ireland, England, Spain. I’m not  a very funny person, but I thought I would send this and see what happened:

Here’s what happened: I got two emails from the original cc: list asking politely what the hell that mysterious picture of me was intended to communicate.

Then, I got this from Laura, also on the list:

(When I told Laura about the polite what-the-hell emails, her response: “Clearly, they’re not Secret Service material.”)

Then, this came through:

And these, from Dublin, Madrid, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Portland:

A few more filtered in, and then, finally, this from Lizzie in London:










Play this virtually or live, and let us know what happens.

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  1. As you know, love it, love it, love it!

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