Get a question you can’t answer?

At On Your Feet, we’re big believers in saying what’s real. (Life is complex enough already, right?) When we get a question from an audience that we can’t answer, we just… uh… say we don’t have the answer. And then do our best to help them find it.

That said, Jonah Lehrer, contributing editor at  Wired and author of the blog, The Frontal Cortex, was recently part of OHSU’s brain lecture series here in Portland. He was lecturing to a full auditorium about his new book, How We Decide, when someone from the audience asked a really tough one, about brain chemistry. I loved his answer and am adding it to my own back pocket:

“Ohhh, that question is waaay above my pay grade.”

(Now you can add it to your back pocket, too.)