Game on! Spicing up the game

Since I am the self-appointed point fairy in this game, YOU all now have 100 extra bonus points. Here’s what happened in Week 2 of the game, and how I used your playful, insightful ideas to spice up Weeks 2 and 3.

Week 2: Intensity continues, with one team sprinting ahead

Overall, teams maintained momentum – and consistent score levels – in Week 2. One team did dial it up significantly – increasing points by 25% and moving from 3rd place up to 2nd for the week. (Why do I feel like a sports anchor all of a sudden?) Their biggest increases were in listening (where they pulled up to be on par with other teams), and getting bonus points for taking the week’s “step” toward their larger individual productive conflict goals (where they left everyone in the dust).

Week 3: Extra points for the “lonely areas”

I was intrigued by commenter Lizzie’s suggestion to award each team extra points for activity in areas where they were doing less, so for Week 3, here’s the offer I made:

DOUBLE POINTS: This week, in areas where your team has had less activity, every time you earn points in that area you score double.

For example: One of First Responders’ less active categories is having pinch conversations. THIS WEEK ONLY, every time a First Responder team member has a pinch conversation, instead of earning the normal 25 points, they earn 50. Here are your “double point” categories for the week:

    • Baked Brownies: Level 2 listening AND noticing when you’re triggered/using it productively
    • First Responders: Pinch conversations AND journaling your wheel
    • Team Stealth: Adjusting for color AND peer coaching
    • Team AWESOME-ness: Peer coaching AND team communication (encouraging yours/trash talking others)

I was copied on the end of a thread yesterday, where it appeared that this may have increased at least one team member’s awareness:

Hey Team!… Working on my girl scout badge in pinches and crunches, but still a beginner brownie in reading blogs and journaling, trigger points. NEXT WEEK FOR SURE!

Over the week, I also sent out two other opportunities for extra points:

  • An excellent chapter on “The Appreciative Self” from Gervase Bushe’s Clear Leadership, for broader context around the importance of appreciation and recognition in creating a culture where productive conflict can flourish. 50 points in the “read a blog” category!
  • 30 points for conferring and turning in your team’s potential dessert of choice – should they win (if you’re thinking this was to whet appetites to win, I wish I could say you’re right. The real reason: to give me a heads up on my grocery list for next week).

Scores will be reported this evening, so stay tuned…