Game on: So what happened with the wild cards?

It’s been 48 hours, and you probably haven’t thought about anything but who scored what during Week 3. Who’s going to get that dessert? What’s it going to be? Let me put an end to your sleepless nights. (At least some of them.) Here’s where we landed.

Did the “double points” maneuver work?

YES. Basically, it didn’t just double points, it doubled the activity across categories. Of the 8 possible areas of increase (two per team), only one remained unchanged. The number of instances logged for the other categories increased 25-67% each. Impressive.

For the week overall, the teams in first and third place scored almost exactly the same points as they did in Week 2. The team in 2nd place made a big leap forward, so they’re about 200 points behind the frontrunner. I predict a neck-and-neck finish. But the biggest surprise was the trailer: the team in fourth place actually doubled their points over Week 2.

Interestingly, this team is also showing signs of internal team struggle: scorecard turned in late, with one team member missing, and hers arrived late this morning with a plea for inclusion. Their scorekeeper expressed frustration and said he might have to clear a pinch with his team mates – which would be a strong move and fine outcome of the experience.

Other news to report after Week 3: Not a single team communicated their dessert preference. So much for my advance grocery list; you can guess who’ll be scrambling.

Taking a reflective pause

Mulling over your suggestions around maintaining engagement, I was struck by the wisdom of those of you who suggested incentivizing a reflective pause. (I could use one of those myself, actually.) So for the first day of this final week, I used one of your suggestions to send out this WILD CARD:

TODAY ONLY: Earn 100 points for the day if you…

  • STOP all point-gaining activities.
  • WRITE a 3-sentence summary end-of-day, capturing “What I noticed (about myself/my feelings/my relationships/what the voice in my head was saying) as a result of STOPPING all these behaviors was……”.
  • EMAIL your 3 sentences to me, cc:ing your Game On! team, by 6pm TONIGHT.

Two of the twelve took us up on it, and shared:

It’s not possible… when I contemplated not actually engaging a conversation, or not listening intently, I felt an opportunity to connect slip away. I was able to not log points and not read a blog, though. 🙂 

Adjusting for style and level 2 listening are becoming more “unconscious” behaviors for me – I don’t always give myself points for them because they’ve become automatic. Also, not addressing a pinch today has left me feeling frustrated without closure as I get ready to go to sleep tonight.

Home stretch

Once I get Week 4 scores, I’ll be rolling up data to share with the group at our next session, where we’ll debrief fully. I’m happy to do some learning not just for me and them, but for you:

What do YOU want to know from players about their experience with the game?

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  1. wow this looks fascinating. Would love to explore more the whole process with you as looks like a successful way to get people to DO the things they’ve worked on

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