Declaring a holiday

A billion years ago (or 25), I lived in Norway. Far, far to the north in the ice deserts of Finnmark – 35 kilometers south of the Barents Sea and 500 meters from what was then the U.S.S.R. One of the many things that delighted me about my time there was a particular spontaneous annual holiday. No one knew exactly when it would fall, but everyone recognized when the day arrived. After months of total darkness, the day of First Sun was the very first day the sun poked its head above the horizon unobscured. When the sun appeared, everyone immediately put down whatever they were doing. Schools, offices, stores – all closed. The sole agenda for the day: enjoy your life.

We’re in a declarative mood at Deeper Funner, and this morning we decided today is our own version of First Sun (for 2015, anyway – we don’t know when it will fall in 2016, but we’re confident we’ll recognize it when it arrives). We’re calling our holiday Wildly Sunny Friday. By the time this gets posted, our computers will be closed and our cell phones will be off.

We’ll be back Monday. In the mean time, we wanted to plant this seed: if you declared today a spontaneous holiday in your world, what would it be? If you and your team took even a 30-minute vacation today with the sole agenda of enjoying your lives, what would you do?

Our very best,

Julie & the folks at Deeper Funner

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  1. Love it – I’m going to find something relaxing for 30 min. of Unitasking!

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