Find your everyday superheroes

Revenue was low. There had been layoffs, several rounds.  The industry everywhere was struggling. And morale? Really, really, really low. The executive team was working toward a vision they believed in, but engagement was slipping badly. They sat in a meeting, trying to figure out how to use next week’s all-staff retreat to boost morale […]

Another game that makes a difference: SuperBetter

Sometimes mystery shows up right in your hotel room. I was sitting in the Redwood City, CA Sofitel, going over the notes for a workshop on transformational conflict I’m co-facilitating tomorrow with my spirited colleague Nick Rothenberg.  I was thinking about the game we created this spring to entice a group of leaders to tackle huge […]

Secret of the universe #456: Wholeheartedness. (Check Brené Brown’s TEDX talk.)

I’ve noticed something. There is a certain shared quality I’ve seen across several of the groups I’ve worked with lately: people learning to drop down into a difficult conversation in an open, clear, productive way; groups willing to take risks together as they take on a challenging task; and several simply excellent leaders of people. […]

Game on: We have a winner(s)!

I, as my British colleagues say with classic understatement, am chuffed. This week was the finish line for a big experiment, the 28-day competitive conflict-skills-building game I’ve been running with a client group. The experiment succeeded well beyond my expectations. (For those of you just tuning in, catch the backstory in the Game On: Conflict competition […]

Game on: So what happened with the wild cards?

It’s been 48 hours, and you probably haven’t thought about anything but who scored what during Week 3. Who’s going to get that dessert? What’s it going to be? Let me put an end to your sleepless nights. (At least some of them.) Here’s where we landed.

Game on! An experiment to make skills sticky

I’ve just started a boisterous 4-week experiment with a client, and I could use your help. The idea came from my dental hygienist. She had a life-altering experience playing Game On!, the competitive health and fitness game invented by hilariously irreverent Krista Vernoff and Az Ferguson of Gray’s Anatomy. “It was hard, it was a […]

“Every time you lose, you die a little.” – Vince Lombardi

Ever start what begins as a reasonable political discussion with your parents… and 15 minutes later find yourself hip-deep in a mucky, confusing swirl, dreadfully off-topic and surprisingly upset? This doesn’t just crop up at the dinner table, on the telephone, or with your family. Sometimes it happens smack in the middle of your team’s […]