Workplace Collaboration: Jumping together into skillful disruption

wrist lock spinning

Let’s try something Imagine you’re in a leadership development workshop with a group of people you like to learn with. Imagine I ask you all to stand up, pair off, and face the person you’re with. Imagine I’m demonstrating this from the front of the room: Stand facing each other, and clasp each others’ arms […]

Change Leadership: Check assumptions

Shaun Cassidy, 1977

“How did I go bankrupt?… Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” – Ernest Hemmingway, The Sun Also Rises This always pops into my mind when I’m thinking about how change happens. And not just the grim series of changes that leads to financial desperation, of course, but also the kind of change that leads to game-changing insights, […]

50 years of experience says: Kickass meetings start with single tasking

Last night, I had dinner with a group that included mindfulness warriors Wendy Palmer and Pamela Weiss. Wendy coaches leaders at places like NASA, Old Navy and Twitter in embodied leadership, while Pam takes mindfulness into corporate environments like Genentech and Pixar. As we ordered our salads, I couldn’t help but be aware that 50+ […]

No is the new yes: Workplace communication must-have

Nancy Reagan just say no

When I see something three times in three days I figure it will be useful to say something about it. What’s dropped by so often? No. It started Friday. I was talking with a dear friend and colleague I lunch with regularly for peer coaching.  (BTW, if you lead anything – including your own life […]

Leadership development: Listening like Robert Redford (and how it makes you taller)

Floating down Utah’s gorgeous Green River about 10 years ago, I learned something about listening that has stuck with me. Our boatman had brought his wife along on the trip with him; they were celebrating their 1st anniversary. She was standup-comic-calibre witty, and worked at Sundance. When I asked her what it was like to […]

Speed PLUS depth: Action inquiry, leadership that transforms

A few weeks ago, I promised to return to explore Bill Torbert’s radical, useful thinking about fast and slow, speed and substance – and how to use a few seconds of conversation to propel deeply substantive action. Here’s part II of that series.  I’ll start with a story well-worth repeating, from the early pages of […]

Adaptive organizations, listening like an improviser and the intelligence of crows

Here’s one more “mental sorbet” post – a sampler of interesting reads on leadership, listening and change to refresh your brain. Here’s an oldie, but a goodie, recently brought to my attention in a post by Canadian leadership blogger Tanveer Naseer. He cited the controversial Joshua Klein TED Talk on the adaptive power of crows […]

Fresh leadership reads. xo, Julie

We are (still) interrupting this series on marrying speed and depth to bring you some more “mental sorbet.” Hello Sports Fans. This week’s roundup of leadership reads starts off with a client find (thanks, Jeff Bresnahan!), blogger Eric Barker (pictured right). Barker is a quick and pithy wit who writes on his own blog, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, as well […]