Another game that makes a difference: SuperBetter

Sometimes mystery shows up right in your hotel room.

I was sitting in the Redwood City, CA Sofitel, going over the notes for a workshop on transformational conflict I’m co-facilitating tomorrow with my spirited colleague Nick Rothenberg.  I was thinking about the game we created this spring to entice a group of leaders to tackle huge numbers of difficult workplace conversations… when I heard a ping. It was this video, slipping into my inbox courtesy of insightful facilitator (and human being) Kat Koppett.

Here’s where the mystery part comes in: what was the video about? A game, of course. Jane McGonigal’s surprisingly smart, simple, impactful game SuperBetter. I tried it. It changed th my evening. If you want a burst of endorphins, or to learn something about living well, or if you’re concerned about how much screen time your kids (or you) put in each day, then I recommend you do, too.

And if you’re the kind of person I am, the kind who thinks they definitely don’t have time to watch something like this right now, then I really recommend you watch it.