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Deeper Funner Change helps teams and organizations thrive in our rapidly changing world.

21st Century ways of working are learnable. We show you how.


What we know

Traditional management approaches aren’t working in our fast, flat, interconnected world. Organizations are struggling to adapt. People complain about unproductive meetings, ineffective decision-making, and poor communication. Making a collaborative shift is the antidote. It is possible to make faster and better decisions, to share information transparently, to convene more engaging and effective meetings  – new structures, habits, and mindsets make the difference.   

(Spoiler alert: this new way of working requires rigor, discipline, and practice; this is not a soft, consensus-seeking approach)

What we believe

To change the results you are currently getting, the way you work needs to change. Your team can do this.  Leaders can create and protect the space for exceptional collaboration and extraordinary teaming. We believe the best way to make a collaborative shift is to tackle real business problems with the people responsible for solving those problems. New structures help your team shift patterns of behavior so that your new habits stick.

The good news is better results, faster – and in a crazy fun, wildly fulfilling way.

P.S. When a few teams start working this way, others notice – engagement levels and performance skyrocket – others see it and want this collaborative superpower for themselves.


What we do

All of our work has the same aim: to help teams and organizations get better results, faster, while growing collaborative muscle. Simply put – we help you move from traditional top-down ways of organizing to work smarter, more fluidly, and (of course) funner.

We start by asking questions: What are your strategic goals? What needs to change? Who needs to be involved? From there, we customize our offerings to serve you best. We use a transformational process (new structures that shift behavioral patterns) as you reinvent the way you work. Our goal is to build collaborative capacity quickly while you get extraordinary results on things that matter.

Here are the three most common starting points:

Collaboration Kickstarter: a 1.5-day immersive workshop introducing collaborative structures and ways of working that are immediately applied to your real business challenge
Project Accelerator: a 90-day adventure unleashing a project team’s performance through a series of facilitated face-to-face and virtual sessions, embedding new ways of working on the project, while growing collaborative muscle (for future application)
Culture Accelerator: an 11-month facilitated program teaching leaders how to identify, practice, and embed collaborative practices and structures within each of their own teams so that collaborative ways of working spread as leaders practice new skills, tools, and structures

We also provide behind-the-scenes Coaching and work with non-profits in Social Sector Collaborations.