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Deeper Funner Change is a global consulting collective that helps teams & organizations develop culture for continuous change and co-creativity. We facilitate immersive (and wildly fun) experiences with new ways of working, translating to your real stuff in real time. As pracademics, we base our approaches on research insights and rapid prototype through practice.



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Here’s what we know

Traditional management approaches don’t work in a fast, flat, interconnected world. We all know the stats: 70-90% of “rollouts” fail. In a world of continuous change, highly collaborative cultures beat the pants off everything else. (Spoiler alert: This is not fluffy or free-for-all. It’s more, not less, rigorous than most traditional approaches to working and leading.)

Here’s what we believe

Your team can do this. Unlike traditional leadership development – which focuses on the individual – we shift patterns of behavior in groups so it sticks. The good news is better results, faster – and in a crazy fun, wildly fulfilling way. We work with you to customize for each project based on your real work, and bring a hefty toolkit.