What if…

…Your team knew radical collaboration was the key to flourishing in uncertainty, and lived and breathed it every day? What if they treated their actions as experiments and adapted fast, organizing for the emergent and unexpected? What if they were smarter together than any single individual? And what if it was all so crazy fulfilling people couldn’t wait to do it again?
How do we get there? Shared experience is the accelerator – secret of the universe for shifting what we see is possible and can do together.

No one’s arguing

Old change management approaches don’t work in a fast, flat, interconnected world. We all know the stats: 70-90% of “rollouts” fail.

What’s getting clearer? In a world of continuous change, highly collaborative cultures beat the pants off everything else. (Spoiler alert: This is not fluffy or free-for-all. It’s more, not less, rigorous than most traditional approaches to working and leading.)

Part think tank, part consultancy, Deeper Funner Change is a global consulting collective that helps teams & organizations develop strategic cultures of change and co-creativity. We facilitate immersive (and wildly fun) experiences with new ways of working. Our team works with your team to translate these to your real stuff in real time. A stretch of guided, often gamified, practice embeds new language, thinking and adaptable tools.

We partner with game-changing leaders

The leaders we work with are learners. They have mojo and money to invest in others’ learning or can convene those who do. These leaders believe teams can be stronger together, and know they play a role in shifting how their people work. They have a bigger why, a burning passion or personal mission. They also have a hunch: by evolving culture, their team or organization just might blow the roof off.

Top reasons leaders call us:

  • Silo bust
  • Transform how a team collaborates
  • Get collectively intelligent on a big goal or tough issue
  • Thrive in continuous change
  • Kick things up a notch
  • Get a new team firing on all cylinders

When we do our best work

  1. Big open spaces versus PowerPoint and boardroom tables. We are up on our feet working differently together versus sitting and talking about it.
  2. With a cohort of leaders, an intact team or division, or a cross-functional or cross-sector group. Change lives in how the real players think, talk and act together; the people responsible for and closest to needed change are in the room.
  3. Flipped leadership development. Our work together is tied to your very real business challenges. You make progress on your burning priorities while building capacity, because we know toggling between facilitated learning and practice on real work in your real world is the key to a systemic shift that sticks.
  4. Working ourselves out of a job. We mean it. In robust partnership with you, we facilitate, counsel and coach. We’re not satisfied until you build the muscles and expertise you need to keep on keepin’ on after we’re gone.